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Lavish Wayfarer Shell

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Elevate your style with these Lavish Wayfarer Shades, glasses specifically designed to fit your unique racial identity. Overflowing with trendiness and sophistication, these shades are exceptional handcrafted from high-quality premium materials, destined to make you appear more iconic than ever.

No other shades make quite the statement as these Lavish Wayfarers. With their perfect, futuristic design, they're a true work of art. Luxurious and crafted by the best artisans, they're sure to add beauty and charm to your fashionable streetwear attire while enhancing your unique racial identity.

These shades offer 100% UV protection and feature stylish metal hinges for a more sophisticated look. Whenever you wear these fashionable Lavish Wayfarer Shades, people will undoubtedly take style notes from your confident and distinctive appearance.

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Key Highlights:

  1. CR-39 400 % UV Protection
  2. Handmade Biodegradable Acetate 
  3. Light Weight
  4. Comes with Foldable-ish Case

More Details:

  1. Model: Lavish Wayfarer Shell
  2. Material: Acetate and Stainless Steel  
  3. Lens: CR39
  4. Fit: 57 - 20 -145

Lifetime Warranty:

If your shades get scratch or damage,

email us at info@4dshades.com and we will

send you a return shipping label. You will

receive your replacement shades within 5 - 10

business days. Only valid 1 time.

Product Feature

  • 100% UV protection CR-39 lenses
  • Border by stainless steel for durability
  • 100% Handmade Premium Biodegradable Acetate